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For your success, it is important that you get to know others and yourself more deeply - only in this way can you use your resources

where you can achieve the most.

brunello gianella

Founder and Principal

As a change agent and sparring partner, I have been able to accompany large companies from a wide range of industries in the change process over the past 35 years.


I was deployed when it came to anchoring the strategy of the future in the company in a sustainable and effective way - in German, Italian, French or English - in the minds of management and staff.


Today I work as a senior partner and strategist at RMP swiss ( and RMP italy.

( | Reiss Motivation Profile® - The Science of Motivation | and as owner of (


I enjoy the privilege, thanks to my motives, of making a contribution to shaping the path to digitization in a humane way. It's an exciting time that brings people back into focus.

My motives, my emotions, my goals.

Flexibility, generosity, curiosity, influence, spontaneity, passion and self-respect.


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"If sneakers don't help"

The CEO Code for Strong Leaders"

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 "What motivates us: The Reiss Motivation Profile®" 

A Tribute to Steven Reiss" (Co-editor)


"The Reiss Motivation Profile®"

What motivates us" (co-editor)